When “No,” doesn’t necessarily mean “No,”

Today I met my new class and got a real taste for some of the new characters.

Halfway through this afternoon, one of them really, really, really, really, really wanted to go to the toilet whilst another child was in the toilet at the same time. 

I explained why he couldn’t go so he went and sat back down at his table, but didn’t do any work. 🙄

A few minutes later he returns to my side and requests to go to the toilet again. I re-explained why he couldn’t go. 

“I don’t trust you to be in the toilet at the same time as X without messing around.”

“But you could just tell me off, when I get back, if I’ve messed around.” He replied.

“Or I could just tell you to go and sit down and wait until X returns so I don’t have to tell you off when you get back? How about that option?” 

He returned to his seat, but not without muttering to himself and looking at his book, patiently waiting for his pencil do his work for him.

A little while later, he returned and asked again. 

This time I could say yes because X had returned from using the facilities.

Thank goodness. 

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