Wonderful writers

I am so happy to declare that I actually have some wonderful writers this year. 

Whilst writing descriptions, some of my class managed to use the WAGOLL that we reviewed to inspire them to write their own journey descriptions. 

Soooome… were even inspired by the WASOLL! They used the good ideas in it (only they used them correctly) to structure their writing. 

I can’t tell you how delighted I am to finally have some children that enjoy writing and write very well indeed. I can actually teach them how to improve their writing because there is so much potential to work with. I have two brilliant writers. One of them wrote this: 

The bright city lights were just fading away as the bear whispered goodbye. The bear’s oars were slicing through the water like a knife through fruit. “I can’t feel my chubby legs.” He cried. The atmosphere changed to a sandy beach-like shore in the middle of nowhere. The talented bear woke up to a horrific sight. His canoe and oars were wrecked. “NOOO!” He screamed in horror. The bear ran like a cheetah through the snow as fast as he could. The bear (not knowing where he was going) ran to the top of the mountain. “Aaahh!” He cried as he looked down. The sight he next saw was magnificent. The lively forest he knew, was there in front of him. He decided to climb the tall tree to spot his friends. “I’m here!” He shouted. 

I just couldn’t help but squeal with delight whilst I was marking their writing tonight. It’s been so long since I had a class that listen and act upon advice, when I spit out alliterative sentences and reminders to include similes or adverbial clauses. They actually included them in their writing. 😲 I can’t wait to do some more writing next week now. I’m itching to start making the progress. 

Maths on the other hand, is a completely different story this year. It’s the complete opposite to my previous class! 

But I’m so excited to write. 😆

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