The Golden Child.


As a teacher, you often find yourself feeling like you have an entire class full of little monkeys. Occaisionally, you find yourself teaching an angelic child that no matter what they do, it’s always the right thing or just perfectly, honest goodness. 

I have a young man who I am officially naming my Golden Child because he has the purest heart and kindest intentions of any child I have ever had the pleasure of teaching, so far. He is so lovely that I just can’t pinpoint an exact adjective that describes him wholly. If you think of all the positive adjectives, that you’d use to describe a wonderful person, you’d have to use them all to describe him.

The reason why I have named him the Golden Child is because at the end of our second day at school, he openly invited the loneliest boy, in my new class, to his house for dinner. He asked his Mum and his Mum agreed so he absolutely, genuinely invited his new friend over for tea on a Friday evening. I watched in sheer admiration as a little man (from my class) did something incredible to make another child feel like he was worth something. You could tell that the lonely boy was over the moon at the invite. He could hardly believe it was happening. He just didn’t know what to say at first. 

I had spent the entire day ranting on about how important it is to be kind to one another, to do the right thing, even when nobody is there to give you credit for it. He has obviously listened, because that is exactly what he did after school. 

I’m thrilled to have him in my new class and will be sure to mention (quietly) just how proud I am of him. I can already sense that his confidence is not what it should be, as he is still labelled as the “new kid” amongst his peers. He hasn’t found his place in the hierarchy of the class yet. But I’m going to try my hardest to make sure he rises to the top and is seen as the kindest boy in the class. Because that is exactly what he is. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book based on him one day? 

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